Go visit China with my Japanese friend……?

     One of my Japanese friends just invite me to take a visit to China with her this winter. I think this is an best idea I’ve ever heard before.. This travelling would be simple for me; that is to say, there are nothing difficult for me except MY PARENTS’ APPROVAL. 
     Why I said this? First, my mother tongue is Mandarin, so there won’t be any language problems to us when in China. Second, cultures between Taiwan and China, even in Japan, are similar. Last, I can speak both Japanese and Mandarin for sure.   
     My Japanese friend just hold an perfect awesome suggestion. She said SHE’LL COME TO TAIWAN TO VISIT ME FIRST then we’ll go to China together! During the period she stay in my house, we can have a plan about our “adventure to China” carefully/ Sure, we’ll have a short travelling in Taiwan first. I can let her see the beauty of Taiwan and I can also bring her to 九份, the inspiration of Spirited Away. Then we’ll go drink delicious tea with beautiful views. 

    Omg this is what I’m dreaming of all the time…… I do really wanna make this dream come true. 

God please help me.